Important General Awareness Question


Which gas is used in refrigerator?
👉 Freon

What are the heater wires made of?
👉 Nichrome

Who was the producer of the first Indian film ‘Raja Harishchandra’?
👉 Dadasaheb Phalke

The world’s largest river island ‘Majuli’ is located in which district of Assam?
👉 Paatal Puri

Which state of India is known as ‘Punya Bhoomi of Temples’?
👉 Tamil Nadu

Who is known as ‘Manchester of India’?
👉 Ahmedabad

The Concurrent List in the Indian Constitution has been taken from whose constitution?
👉 Australia

Which Indian player is known as Golden Girl and Udanpari?
👉 P.T.Usha

Who suggested that the Indian National Congress be abolished after independence?
👉 Mahatma Gandhi

Who presided over the 1947 Delhi session of the Indian National Congress?
👉 Rajendra Prasad

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